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Opening a new restaurant is exciting. However, design can be overwhelming for first-time owner. The design of your restaurant should align with its theme. Atmosphere, seating as well as the location of your kitchen should be consider. Other issues such as fire codes, ventilation and other building codes are often overlooked in general design of a restaurant. 

Paying attention to details will help produce a positive experience to customer and build business at first glance.

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Clean and Warm


這幾年比較流行的風格 在餐廳裝修中,多運用鐵與水泥及木 混合的美學 融合設計的通透性 


Loft Style design is one of the most popular theme using in restaurant design in recent years due to its casual atmosphere created for customers.

Use of Metal, Cement  & Wood


與LOFT 相似 但質感會偏重 減少LOFT 小清新既感覺 而用上更多的金屬及水泥墻等元素,設計上顔色及燈光運用一般較暗

Industrial Style is similar to Loft style which contain more rustic wood and metal materials, creating a raw atmosphere. The use of cement flooring or wall is easy for long term maintenance.

Connect to the Nature


香港俗稱石屎森林 繁忙香港人希望更多接觸大自然, 遺憾缺乏時間 唯有忙裡偷閒 盡量係咖啡時間 接觸多些綠色世界 

The use of plants and flowers elements facilitate a natural and relaxing atmosphere. A design style to promote green living and connection to the nature.

Girly and Sweet


粉紅系 櫻花系設計 混合 日式 Modern Design 成為少男少女 打卡勝地 主要針對女性市場


Pink as the main theme color, together with marble and golden liners are the main elements in feminine design restaurants. This style aim on promoting the sweetness

Simple, Clean & Fresh


現今潮流比較流行的餐廳裝修設計風格 適合年青消費者 簡單舒服 重點於細節位置 及 整潔程度  設計與裝修成本比較其他設計要輕 施工期較短 適合創業人士

Minimalism is a trend promoting simplicity & relaxation by providing a comfortable atmosphere to customers. Cafe or restaurants providing light food and drinks usually make use of this design style.

Detailed and Clean




Classy and Elegant style is aim on delivering a stylish atmosphere to the target customers who have an average higher spending. It is crucial to maintain a modern and fashionable design align with its own brand style

Enjoy the Sunshine


今時今日戶外餐廳設計已經完全融入室內一部份 可以運用的風格多不勝數 成為吸引客人光顧的強力元素 由其“打卡"用途
適合露天茶座,有平台的餐廳 此餐廳裝修工程需要有經驗的團隊融入采光于設計當中,更要注重防水及耐用程度

Restaurants with outdoor area are now become one of the eye catching spot in restaurant design. The use of flowers, glasses, specific fabric is the key to the connect with the indoor design.

Connect to the Nature


豪華風格 雕刻 裝飾會比其他風格重 設計及餐廳裝修工程成本一般較高,工期較長,多用于主要對像為定價較高的餐廳及消費力強的食客

It is true that we eat with our eyes. Material usage plays an important role which consist of elements like marble, mirror and designer furniture. Restaurants prone to this style target with high spending customers who look for details and classy environment.

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